Alexandria Above Ground

Highland Pools



The Alexandria Aboveground Pool from Blue Cascade


  •  52″ Wall Height
  •  Nine Layer RidgibondTM Resin Coated Wall
  •  Round Sizes Available: 12′, 15′, 18′, 21′, 24′, 27′
  •  Oval Sizes Available: 12′ x 24′, 15′ x 30′, 18′ x 33′
  •  6″ Corrosion-Resistant Coated Steel Top Rail
  •  5″ Corrosion-Resistant Coated Uprights
  •  Elegant, Coastal “Sandstone” Wall Pattern
  •  Corrosion-Resistant Coated Steel Top Plate 
  •  Interlocking Frame Structure for Ease of Installation
  •  Wide Mouth Skimmer Wall Punch
  •  Narrow Yard Ovals – Only 9″ Exposed Buttress


HighlandTM Above Ground Pools are protected from the elements with our exclusive Nine-Layer RidgibondTM resin coated wall construction. These protective layers create a weatherproof seal and ensure that you will have many years of outstanding performance. 







Above Ground Liners

Tiki Island features the Sandwick liner pattern with all HighlandTM Pools to complement your new backyard oasis.

Pool Only Package includes:

  • Pool frame
  • Wall
  • Assembly hardware
  • Instructions

Pool With Liner

  • Pool frame
  • Sandwick Liner
  • Wall
  • Assembly hardware
  • Instructions

Standard Package includes:

  • Pool with liner
  • Hayward Wide Mouth Skimmer
  • Pentair 20" Filter System with 1.5 HP Pump
  • A-Frame Heavy Duty Ladder with Barrier
  • Accessory Kit (Heavy Duty Leaf Skimmer, Weighted Trim-Vac Head, Wall Brush, Thermometer, Test Strips, 30' Vac Hose, 3-piece 5'-15' telepole).

Premium Package includes:

  • Everything in the Standard Kit plus
  • Winter Cover
  • Dolphin T-15 Above Ground Cleaning Robot

    • All prices include local delivery. 
    • Installation, water, and start-up chemicals are not included in price. 
    • Not eligible for shipping. Pick up and local delivery is free.