12' Dump Trailer

Tiki Island Pool Express



Need a dump trailer? Our Deluxe Light Duty Dump Trailers has a 10,000 GVW rating. The bed size is 12 ft. x 76 in. The sides are 24″ tall. This trailer includes a scissor lift, combination barn doors and spreader tailgate, adjustable coupler, 7,000 lb. drop foot jack, and a U.S. made sealed wiring harness with LED lighting.

Only 3/4 ton and up trucks with proper tow equipment may tow this trailer. Travel tarp is included.

By renting trailer and picking up, you agree that the trailer is being towed by a fully insured vehicle and will be in the same clean condition as it was when it was picked up. 

Trailer weight 3,400 lbs 

Ball size 2-5/16"

NOTE: You must choose "Store Pickup" when checking out if you are picking it up.

No truck? No problem. We can bring it to you!

For an added fee we will bring the trailer to you and pick it up when you're done.

Need the trailer full of landscaping material when we drop off? No problem. Call us for a quote or contact us.

We can deliver to you a dump trailer full of mulch, sand, gravel or much more. If you just need the materials dropped off, let us know!

Waste Disposal Service Available!!! 

Click here to add waste disposal to your order. We drop off the trailer, you load it, we haul it off!