ClearView Shimmer N Shock



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Our ClearView Shimmer-N' Shock is an easy and cost efficient shock treatment. It is fully soluble, requires no pre-dissolving and is conveniently packed in 1 lb bags or 25 lb buckets.

Effective Shock and Awe

A swimming pool shock treatment that will kill even the most stubborn traces of bacteria and restore sparkle and clarity to dull water, as well as ridding the water of any ineffective chlorine residue. ClearView Shimmer N’ Shock contains 56% available chlorine and is guaranteed to treat all of these potential issues.

Performing a shock treatment on a home swimming pool is fairly simple. The purpose of the shock treatment is to drastically raise the chlorine level of a pool for a short time. Simply add three to five times the normal amount of chlorine that you usually would. This will make the water appear cloudy for a few hours. It is best to wait for the water to become clear again before swimming in the pool. ClearView Shimmer-N’ Shock is a 99% sodium dichlor, which dissipates very efficiently, and is an ideal option for shock treatments of smaller bodies of water, such as spas.


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