CACKALACKY Cheerwine BBQ SAUCE Beer Nut Grilling Pack

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Cackalacky® Cheerwine® Sweet Sauce

  • a sweet 'n savory "tomato based" dipping-grlling sauce & marinade that's actually made with the original Cheerwine® secret formula and our secret Cackalacky® spice blend.  ...A "legendary handshake between lively Southern food and drink" if you will.

Cackalacky® Secret Sauce™

  • Brewed under a closely guarded veil of discretion in the heart of North Carolina, Cackalacky Secret Sauce™

 is the our unique interpretation of traditional RED HOT “vinegar style” Carolina sauce - whose origins date back hundreds of years!

Original Cackalacky® Spice Sauce

  • Made with our famously original blend of sweet potatoes and secret spices, this is the fiery Southern sauce that helped us introduce the Cackalacky® Brand to The Free World! Perfect as a dressing, dip, topping and marinade!

Cackalacky® Beer-B-Q™ Seasoned Peanuts

  • Cackalacky® Beer-B-Q™ Seasoned Peanuts are super extra large kiln-roasted NC-grown peanuts that are lightly sweetened with real beer flavor and finished off with our secret blend of Cackalacky® barbecue spices.
Official Cackalacky® Vinyl Bumper Sticker - Red White Blue