4 Pack Blues Hog BBQ Sauce Smokey Mountain, Original, Red, Champion Sampler Set

Blues Hog


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4 flavors of the Blues Hog in 4 oz bottles

  • 4 sauce Blues Hog BBQ Sauce Sampler Bottles
  • BLUES HOG ORIGINAL has a “sweet with the right amount of heat” attitude! 
  • BLUES HOG TENNESSEE RED A thin vinegar and pepper based sauce popular in Southern Barbecue Joints.
  • BLUES HOG SMOKEY MOUNTAIN unique grilling/finishing sauce that combines the rich blend of high quality ingredients found in Blues Hog Original with the added depth of natural hickory smoke.
  • BLUES HOG CHAMPION BLEND this sauce the trifecta as it takes all the great flavors from our
    existing line and beautifully transforms it into a ready-to-use flavor that is
    blended to perfection