32 oz SWIM BEST Poly 60 Algaecide


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Every pool owner occasionally deals with algae. When you have the right chemicals among your sanitation supplies, you can keep algae away faster and longer. SWIM BEST Poly 60 Algaecide is a non-foaming algaecide that is ideal for chlorine and bromine treated pools. 

This quality cleaning agent is highly concentrated (containing 60% of the active ingredient), which makes it very effective and long lasting. Whether your pool has black, green, or that stubborn mustard-colored algae, it won’t stand a chance against SWIM BEST Poly 60 Algaecide

Clean and Unseen

The SWIM BEST Poly 60 Algaecide is great for people who use their pool regularly, or frequently host pool activities. This cleaning product quickly eliminates algae, leaving your pool clean and looking good as new. Rest assured that this non-foaming algaecide will not stain your pool, so you won’t have to worry about foam residue or discoloration along the walls. SWIM BEST Poly 60 Algaecide is also non-metallic and regular use can help strengthen your usual sanitizers.

When you use the SWIM BEST Poly 60 Algaecide, you’re also making an investment you can trust. This algaecide works brilliantly across a wide range of pH levels, and it won’t lose strength or effectiveness with a high chlorine concentration.