2 Pack REUSABLE Intex A 29000E Filter Pleatco PC7-120 + Clarifier

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2 Pack REUSABLE Intex A 29000E Coleman Pool Filter Pleatco PC7-120

1 bottle 2 oz water clarifier

Stop throwing away money, BUY REUSABLE FILTER Replacements 
These are Pleatco Advanced Mini Clear Premium Replacements. 

Replaces popular brand part numbers:

  • Unicel: C-4607
  • Filbur: FC-3710
  • Guardian Filtration Products • 408-051


  • 5 sq. ft. of high-quality filtration fabric
  • Exclusive Expansive Flow™ core

Alternative filter names: 58600, 59900, 59700E, Intex A, F18, R025006, 58623, C-4607 (2), FC-3710 (2)    SD-00757, Coleco F-120, Intex Sand-n-Sun,  Wet Set, Easy Set Size A, Easy Set Size C, Aqua Leisure Size 2, Krystal Klear 108R, Krystal Klear 12, 17-175-1145, APCC7002, 58603, 58631, 56635, 56637EG   59900E-6, 58604, 56638, 56636, bestway bestway 1/14 hp pump, PC 7-120

Used in pools/spas made by: Aqua Leisure, Best Way Accessories, Bestway, Buddy-L, Coleco, Easy Set  Empire, Intex Pools, Krystal Clear, Porta Spa, Simple Set, SLM and other manufacturers

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