Maytronics Dolphin Cleaners

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Our machines are brand new & never refurbished. 

Due to warranty issues and our agreement with Maytronics, we do not sell or advertise our prices of these models online. There are models online for sale. However, they are not built to the same specification and same quality as the machines we carry. 

There are some things you’ll always be able to rely on. With Dolphin, its quality, reliability and convenience. But mostly, it’s knowing that your pool will be providing endless hours of enjoyment – whenever your family is ready. Dolphin gives you real peace of mind.

We are a certified Maytronics repair facility. 

The Dolphin Active 10

Dolphin Active 10 is the introductory robot by Maytronics - bringing you
all the benefits of more than 30 years of experience in robotic pool
cleaning. All swim, no work. That's the life for you - with the Dolphin Active 10
robotic pool cleaner. Forget about scrubbing the floor and scooping
out leaves and dirt - the Dolphin Active 10 does it all for you, automatically.
lt leaves your pool floor clean of dirt and leaves, and the pool water
sparkling clean, ready for fun whenever you are.


The Dolphin Active 20

Experience superior Dolphin Active 20 pool cleaning, with this basic robot.
With its ultra-light weight and quick water release, Dolphin Active
is super-easy to handle. Choose between two filtration options to
capture rough debris or fine dirt. And the dual active brushing action
and PowerStream Mobility System ensure efficient pool coverage,
with extra-thorough scrubbing on all surfaces – leaving the floor,
walls and waterline spotlessly clean.

The Dolphin Active 30

Add more convenience to your pool cleaning with this mid-level robot.
Enjoy all the basic capabilities, along with advanced features such
as multi-layer filtration. With options available on the multi-function power supply you can choose regular cleaning mode for a full clean in two hours, or fast mode for efficient cleaning in half the time.


The Dolphin Active 30i/S300i


Advance to a new pool cleaning experience with this top-of-the-line robot that brings even more ease and freedom to the advanced capabilities of Dolphin Active 30i/S300i robots. Control your Dolphin Active 30i or S300i through the multi-function power supply or use the MyDolphinTM app on your smartphone or tablet to set up cleaning programs and control the robot remotely, including manual navigation. The blinking LED on the robot indicates the active mode.


The Dolphin Atlantis & Apollo

The Dolphin Difference There is something about a Dolphin cleaner that lets you know it’s different from other robotic cleaners. It’s a difference you can touch The moment you first open the box you’ll notice the thickness of the shell, the quality of the brushes, and the user-friendly and intuitive design 

It’s a difference that you can see As the Dolphin scrubs pool surfaces and vacuums away debris, it leaves a sparkling clean pool 

And it’s a difference you can feel Every time you get in the pool, know that you have chosen an environmentally-friendly, cost-effective solution for clean, healthy water

Dolphin’s patented swivel cables eliminate tangled cables forever! 
As your Dolphin moves around the pool, the swivel ensures that the cable stays free and clear, allowing for complete pool coverage.

CleaverClean™ coverage is powered by an advanced navigation systems and scanning software. This ensures that every inch of your pool – walls, floor and waterline – are cleaned using the most efficient route. So smart, the system automatically navigates around obstacles and quickly returns to its route.


The Dolphin M500

Maximize your enjoyment and relax, with remote controlled setup and programs, and intervention-free cleaning of the pool floor, walls and waterline.

The M Series makes removing it from your pool easy with its fast clean-water release feature and lightweight, ergonomic design.